Ani Zulawink
The World
Wide Web
The World Wide Web



In this film, I was particularly interested in the way today’s society interacts with digital technology and how it relates to current social contexts- especially in relation to the challenges that women face today.
For example, there’s a huge impact of social media on mental health, especially in regards to growing feelings of isolation and distorted body image/ beauty ideals. Exploring this within the concept of a cyber web “utopian” dystopia was particularly intriguing to me.
The general concepts that I intended to investigate is how today’s society, especially women and their environment, is affected by technology and vice versa.
In doing so, I also explored whether I could utilise digital mediums in a more positive and meaningful manner rather than a shallow aesthetic gimmick.
I wanted to use digital media in a way where I could convey these themes of depersonalization, yet help society reconnect with themselves.
Ultimately, my aim was to get people to think critically about these concepts and experience these mediums in meaningful ways.