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Chocolate Cookbook
Poi e System
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Chocolate Cookbook Poi e System
& Mauri Toi



Mauri Toi:

Mauri Toi is a website providing resources and technical skills for Maori youth to pursue a career in Art or Graphic Design.
My intention for this website is to create a space for young people suffering from depression and suicidal thoughts, to find ways of coping with it. By learning different art techniques, and exploring their creativity in a practical way, they might find some emotional stress relief as a result.
The overall presentation is playful and dynamic using familiar iconography and simple navigation. The tutorials link to real tutorials, while the imagery in the Gallery and on the Homepage is mine unless stated otherwise. I made many forms of art and animation throughout the year that I have used in this website as member examples. I hope to make this site live and available for people to use in the near future.

Chocolate Cookbook Poi e System

My original system was the poi action to Poi e by Patea Maori Club. The actions are very complex in that there is no singular movement. With each Poi spin there is a foot work that aligns with it. It was challenging to show that connection as each Poi spin is different and each foot work is different.
I needed to separate the movements and this made it difficult for me to show a connection between movements in a visual way.

The original Recipe book worked perfectly to show a connection between the movements. The system I made for Poi e was applied to the Recipe book using character styles, shapes, lines, text colour and images.
It became a playful yet very complex visual story that represents the form and cohesive system developed from Poi e.