Vicktoria Johnson
The Te Reo
Maori Projectb
The Te Reo Maori Project



My publication aims to bring awareness to the Te Reo Maori claim of 1986.
It shares the history of the language, how important the language is to the people, the injustices Maori have faced in regards to their culture and how this is connected to the treaty of Waitangi.
I think this issue is still current & unresolved for Maori.
My outcomes are a publication & cards, the publication holds the different experiments i did to reflect the Te Reo Maori Claim.
The cards are a way of sharing aspects of the claim with more people.
My pepeha poster is about identity.
This aspect of my project portrays how the language is important to Maori identity.
The pepeha enables a strong sense of belonging which is important to our well being.
The aspects of the pepeha reflect how in depth and spiritual the Maori perspective is.
When these values aren’t taught and are unknown, people fail to see how important they are.
The poster aims to educate people of the pepeha and how it’s speaker would say their pepeha.
By seeing the poster everyday, this would help the audience to remember their pepeha.
My project sits alongside the movement to revitalise Te Reo Maori in NZ.
I’ve used western design theory with Maori concepts.
I think part of the issue is the lack of awareness in regards to the importance of the language, Maori values and the Maori perspective on the Treaty of Waitangi.
My project aims to brings awareness to all these things.